Here I go again

I just read a post in a blog about cosmetic surgery – I love looking at botched procedures. I know, I’m weird, but if you follow this blog you know that.

There was a post about a local doctor, of which I know personally. Is he a good doctor? He cured my crap when I went to him. Does he (or rather, did he) prescribe ANYTHING you wanted when you asked? Yup. Did I take advantage of that – um – YEAH- was in full addiction mode at the time.  But I have not gone to him in YEARS. I have watched his clinics pop up everywhere. His business is booming – good for him, well – I really don’t care one way or the other.

But he recently hit the news with a scandal from him performing plastic surgery when he should not have.

OK- see this pisses me off.

These stories of these POOR victims – vain and cheap, rather- who unknowingly trusted a general practitioner do perform MAJOR plastic surgery on them. Now they are crying to the press because they are deformed or whatever. Dude- REALLY? Did you see this sign in his office?

No. You didn’t.

How about this?



Accountability, people.

Now boo hoo, deformed people want to get settlements and sue everyone and get pity and puke. Whatever. You know what makes me SICK is that there are kids with TRUE abnormalities: port wine stains, seriously disfigured teeth, cleft palates, alopecia- all that – who don’t have parents with insurance that cover helping them. These are all NON voluntary physical abnormalities that shape these children into victims on the school yard and cause them pain and humiliation on a daily basis. And these fat bitches want money out of a doctor because they are stupid, cheap and can’t do research.

Makes me want to move planets again. I am telling you – I just can NOT successfully coexist with these hand out, pity wanting, entitled, ignorant, lazy asses on this planet anymore.

I-  by no means-  was blessed with no wrinkles and a model figure. Hypothyroidism shifts my weight 50 pounds every other year and Botox is my best damn friend. OH and where do I go to get a SHOT? Where I have researched does the best job. RejuvaMed Spa.   Shout out:

OK —–  BUT – wait – would I go to the place I have trusted for YEARS with injecting a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum into my face to do a procedure requiring sedation?

No. Their team is comprised of all gynecologists and other non aesthetic based medical professionals.

I am NOT saying they do not do impeccable work. At all. I even had a consult scheduled until my friend MADE me cancel after reaming me with these exact same words and warnings of non plastic surgeons slicing up patients and hoping for the best.   (Thank you, Karel.)

I am saying that I will ONLY go to a CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON for major work.  Period.  I think that it is MY duty as a consumer to weigh risks and assess such in choosing plastic surgery. When there is a complication, can ANY burden be placed on me? If so, then tough – I’m deformed and I should have known better. However, if I go to Southlake Plastic Surgery  you better be damn right that mad surgeon can slice me up like  a turkey. Going from dentistry – to oral maxillofacial surgery – to major surgeries of the head and neck – then to plastic surgery- do your magic, doctor. Whatever you say, goes, Edward Scissorhands.

And if HE screws up – you sue the living shit out of him. The difference – YOU weighed out the risk. You eliminated your accountability by choosing him based on intellect and reason instead of being cheap. He has been backed up by boards and awards and accreditation that share the liability with him by certifying him.

Or you can just go to a pain management clinic with $20 and a fat ass. Then you can become a millionaire by suing a guy YOU chose because he was cheap.

I WISH I could be on that jury. OH HOW I WISH.

Maybe he needs it:


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  1. You crack me up with your mad searches.

    Did you see this one?

    March 16, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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